Our Mission

At SLAP Farms we care about where food comes from and how it’s produced. We produce the finest pastured poultry and eggs in northeast Tennessee and provide them direct to you.

SLAP Farm’s mission is to produce the quality food in harmony with nature. Our broiler chickens, turkeys and laying hens are raised on pasture with nothing but the finest non-GMO feed and Tennessee fresh air and sunshine.

Tim Spann

Tim has worked in agriculture for his entire professional career. He holds a PhD in plant biology from the University of California, Davis, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Horticulture from the University of Florida. He has spent over 25 years conducting research and educating growers on a wide variety of farming practices. In that time, he has seen the good and bad sides of conventional industrial agriculture. SLAP Farms represents an opportunity for Tim to implement the practices he has taught and to demonstrate that sustainable farming is doable.

Jay Thayer

When Jay was 20 years old, he spent a summer working on a farm in Nebraska. Since that summer he has worked at corporate jobs mostly in information management and accounting. Partnering with Tim at SLAP Farms is the opportunity to return to the land.


Spooner is a 10-year-old black lab. He was rescued on Thanksgiving Day in 2011 at about 6 weeks old after he and his litter mates had been abandoned. Spooner has had more travel experience than many people, taking his first flight the day after he was rescued and driving across the country twice. He enjoys patrolling the farm and finding any mud he can to bring in the house to show his dads.

Zip the dog


Zip is a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog (also known as a red heeler) who was adopted from the Greene County Humane Society on February 13, 2021. Zip was rescued by animal control from a neglected situation and arrived at SLAP Farms a very timid and scared puppy, but he became immediately attached to Spooner (so much so that we considered renaming him Shadow). He has really come out of his shell since arriving on the farm and he and Spooner now enjoy chasing each other around the farm and swimming in the pond.


Max is a young Walker Coonhound who was a stray that started hanging around our friends’ house. After trying to find his owner with no luck he was turned over to animal control. After a week of no one claiming him he was about to be euthanized when we decided to foster him through For Pete’s Sake Rescue. A week after becoming his foster dads we had fallen in love (and so had Spooner and Zip) and officially adopted him and made him a permanent member of the SLAP Farms family on July 1, 2022.