Pasture Raised Turkeys

Turkeys on Pasture = Higher Protein, Collagen & Vitamin E


Pasture Raised Broilers

Chickens on Pasture = Less Saturated Fat, More Heart-Healthy Fats


Pasture Raised Eggs

Hens on Pasture = Eggs with More Vitamins D, E & ß-carotene

A Family Farm in Greeneville, TN

All Natural.  No Synthetic Pesticides or Fertilizers.  No GMOs.

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About SLAP Farms

SLAP Farms is a 36-acre farm in Greeneville, TN. Founded in 2018 by Tim Spann and Jay Thayer, SLAP Farms represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Our farming practices are based on the principles of regenerative agriculture – feeding the soil to restore soil organic matter and biodiversity – so the soil can provide for the crops and livestock raised on it.

Our poultry is processed on farm to ensure our birds are treated humanely and respectfully. 

Make your dinner truly local with SLAP Farms chicken, turkey and eggs.

What is Pastured Poultry?

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